Program Manager

Abigail Steinberg is an Associate at BFA. She manages the FIBR project, which seeks to deepen and accelerate indirect financial inclusion through linkages between small businesses and their customers, employees and suppliers. She has worked in challenging environments across 11 countries and has honed her skills in strategy and execution. Prior to BFA Global, she was a principal at the Fortitude Fund and was the Director of Strategy for Dallant Networks. There, her work focused on development and execution of online digital communities that build social impact and address global urban poverty. While living in India, she worked on building an Indian financial tech company, aimed at digitizing products for lending clubs. As a Princeton Fellow, she directed project implementations across Thailand. As a strategist reporting to the CEO at Digital Divide Data (DDD), an impact sourcing company with 1,200 employees, she designed and expanded service offerings. Prior to DDD, she was a Partnerships Fellow for Purpose Global, which creates its own ventures, develops technology and collaborates with leading organizations to build movements for good. In the UK, she reported directly to a female Member of Parliament, and drafted policies, briefings, and met with constituents. She graduated with a BA magna cum laude and an MA in Global Studies, both from Brandeis University.