Founded: FINCA was founded in 1984 & launched BrightLife in 2014
Industry: PAYGo Solar
CEO: Alison Boess, Country Director, BrightLife

Rupert Scofield, President and CEO, FINCA International

Company Overview

BrightLife is a social enterprise by FINCA International that unlocks economic productivity and well-being for the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) by bringing together access to finance and access to energy. BrightLife provides education, distribution, financing and after-sales support for clean energy products such as solar home systems, productive use assets and improved cookstoves.

Project Overview: Improving Data Linkages 

FIBR’s engagement with BrightLife will be focused on developing data analytics to improve customer segmentation and portfolio management, and to improve understanding of payment behavior.

The data models would leverage BrightLife’s existing technologies and databases capturing data from the company’s 6,000+ energy customers, including over 1,000 PAYGo customers in Uganda.  

These tools will provide BrightLife’s management and operational teams insights to improve customer selection and post-sale interventions to drive customer payment behavior. The analytics will also be used to identify data relevant to BrightLife’s decision making processes. FIBR will work with BrightLife to build reports and dashboards to improve understanding of the PAYGo products and portfolio for FINCA’s microfinance subsidiary in Uganda. This will pave the way for FINCA Uganda to develop new, mobile-based financial tools to help previously unbanked BrightLife customers gain access to comprehensive credit and savings products.

About the Project:

  • FIBR Touch point: BrightLife's agent network

  • Indirectly included customers: End-consumers

  • Timeline: January 2018 - July 2018

  • Status: Complete

  • Geography: Uganda