Imagining the Future of Financial Inclusion at S0FI 2017


What does a customer-centric ecosystem look like?


Imagining the Future of Financial Inclusion

The Mastercard Foundation
Symposium on Financial Inclusion (SoFI)

November 8-9, 2017
Ballroom of the Kempinski Hotel
Gold Coast City, Accra
Accra, Ghana

This session will present a compelling futuristic vision in which an entire ecosystem is geared towards client-centric innovation. From the perspective of the client, the panel will showcase what could be possible if unnecessary barriers were relaxed and digital assets and channels were leveraged via open structures for purposes of innovation. The session will highlight the trends that enable this digital future and showcase how these trends are already being leveraged by our partners to advance and enhance financial inclusion digitally. Finally, the discussion will turn to the risks that could emerge as new players enter the innovation space, and digital assets are leveraged in new ways, and hypothesize what that might mean for the low-income client.


Olga Morawczynski — Program Manager, Mastercard Foundation

Juliet Anammah — CEO, Jumia Nigeria

Dr. Duoguang Bei — President, Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion

Amolo Ngweno — East Africa Regional Director, Bankable Frontier Associates

Nadeem Shaikh — Founder and CEO, Anthemis

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