Meet the newest FIBR Partners

PAYGo Solar: Robust Agent Networks and Modern, Data-Driven Channels

FIBR has been looking at pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) models as a promising approach to broaden financial services to the underserved and building on top of more scalable distribution networks. This past July, we published our PAYGo briefing note, examining this rapidly-growing field where hardware meets software, where dirty fuels become clean energy and richer data sets translate to novel inclusive financial services. Two of our newest partners are PAYGo solar companies servicing parts of East and West Africa. Off-Grid:Electric is a PAYGo solar enterprise with markets in Tanzania, Rwanda and Ivory Coast. PEG Africa, distributes home solar kits and accessories out of Ghana and Ivory Coast. With these two partners, we are exploring the effectiveness of digital channels to extend financial services and engage agents and customers.

Sokowatch, like our two PAYGo solar companies, is another data-driven company that puts into play proprietary customer data and smartphone-enabled digital channels. As an on-demand ordering and delivery service for small retailers, Sokowatch's sales & delivery agents use smartphones to collect real-time data about customers and inventory. Through our engagement with Sokowatch, we will co-create new tools such as apps and targeted features on top of digital channels to increase value to their customers.

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