Global SME Finance Forum 2019

The Convergence of the Real and Financial Sectors in SME Finance

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The Netherlands | October 7-9, 2019

Increasingly, the largest and/or fastest growing SME financiers globally did not start out as banks. Whether from tech companies, logistics firms, commodities traders or even Fast-Moving Consumer Goods distributors, competition from the real sector is gaining traction in the SME segment. The real sector firms come into SME financing armed with substantial data resources and analytical skills. How is the traditional financial sector going to deal with this? Is it all threat, or is there also an opportunity from these new entrants? This year’s Global SME Finance Forum will examine the different ways in which the real sector has entered the SME finance space, and the various ways in which financiers and regulators are coping with the “new kids on the block.” Learn more about the Global SME Finance Forum 2019

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