Website: www.offgrid-electric.com
Founded: 2012
Industry: PAYGo Solar
CEO: Xavier Helgesen, CEO & Co-founder

Company Overview

Zola Electric (formerly Off-Grid Electric), is a Tanzanian PAYGo Solar enterprise, which provides home solar systems,  which can be paid for using mobile money.

Project Overview: Modern, Data-driven Channels

In extending financial services to low-income customers, our engagement with Zola Electric is focused on developing the foundational data analytics modules to improve customer segmentation and payment behavior, predicting and reducing churn, and understanding customer lifetime value. The data models are being built on top of Zola Electric’s existing technologies and databases capturing data from the company’s 170,000+ active PAYGO customers across Tanzania, Ivory Coast and Rwanda.

These tools will provide Zola Electric’s management and operational team transparency into the performance of the PAYGO assets and customer behavior, as well as an ability to take targeted actions based on predictions made by the models.

FIBR will work with Zola Electric’s operations teams to execute pilots and sales experiments to field-test optimized product offerings, incentives, and interventions. We will also track the results of these interventions and demonstrate their impact and financial effectiveness through a comprehensive costing analysis.

About the Project:

  • FIBR Touch point: Sales agent network

  • Indirectly included customers: End-consumers

  • Timeline: May 2017 to November 2017

  • Status: Complete

  • Geography: Tanzania, Ivory Coast and Rwanda