Founded: 2014
Industry: PAYGo Solar
CEO: Hugh Whalan

Company Overview

PEG Africa, is a PAYGo Solar enterprise with operations in Ghana and Ivory Coast. The company provides home solar kits and accessories, which are financed using short-term leases and paid for using mobile money.

Project Overview: Improving Agent Networks

One of FIBR’s main learning questions is the effectiveness of digitized businesses, such as a network of agents to connect low-income customers to more appropriate and flexible financial services.

Our engagement with PEG Africa focuses on the development of technologies and tools to improve the effectiveness of PEG’s sales agent network.  Our advisory work includes agent research to better understand the agent journey by looking at technology requirements; designing and prototyping a sales agent smartphone app; incentivizing agents to pick good customers through the use of new tools and methods; following up on non-payment; and boosting income to improve retention. The FIBR team of customer research and design experts are also working with PEG AFrica to design and roll out a pilot to test a mobile money super agent model, whereby the PAYGo solar agent can offer mobile money services.

About the Project:

  • FIBR Touch point: Sales agent network

  • Indirectly included customers: End-consumers

  • Timeline: August 2017 - February 2018

  • Status: Complete

  • Geography: Ghana and Ivory Coast