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Founded: 2016
Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain
CEO: Daniel Yu

Company Overview

Sokowatch provides multinational companies with a data-driven and on-demand distribution network focused on the informal retail sector of emerging markets. Through individual sales & delivery agents equipped with proprietary mobile-based inventory management tools, Sokowatch dramatically increases sales and market coverage for companies in emerging markets.

Project Overview: On-demand ordering & delivery for small retailers in East Africa

The foundation of FIBR’s learning is the digitization of local businesses to more effectively deliver financial products and services to the underbanked customer. Once this crucial piece is understood, we can explore the extent to which these channels can deepen inclusion with richer and more flexible financial services.

With Sokowatch, we are exploring the current customer journey along the order & delivery process and features, such as customer support applications, to improve the customer experience. We are tackling how the digitization of the smartphone-enabled small retailer, improves the value of Sokowatch’s services. New digital channels will also allow the FIBR team to explore additional services offerings, such as in-kind credit or cash loans, accounting and education.

About the Project 

  • FIBR Touch point: Delivery agent network

  • Indirectly included customers: Small retailers or shopkeepers ("Dukas" in Swahili)

  • Timeline: September 2017 - March 2018

  • Status: Complete

  • Geography: Kenya and Tanzania